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Traditional Latin Mass
Greater Flint Area



of the Latin Mass Community

Lay people from the greater Flint area worked some nine months, in the year 1989, to restore the "Tridentine" Mass in the Lansing Diocese. The first formal meeting was held in Clio, Michigan on February 22, 1989. Advertising in the Flint Journal and petition gathering followed. On June 2, 1989, the lay group petitioned the then Bishop of Lansing, Kenneth J. Povish, and subsequently furnished him 640 signatures. On July 2, 1989, Bishop Povish gave conditional approval, with the understanding that the lay people were to locate a church, priest, altar servers, choir, ushers, et al. Father Majchrowski volunteered the use of his parish church - All Saints, Flint. Bishop Povish finalized approval on November 2, 1989, and the first "Tridentine" Mass in the area was celebrated on November 19, 1989.

Visiting priests, chief amongst them the then Father Anthony Spinosa, Pastor of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Rite Church and Father James Downey, O.S.B., board member of the national "Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei" and Executive Director "The Institute of Religious Life" celebrated the Mass. Subsequently Father Spinosa took on the responsibility of being the main celebrant. Substitute priests filled in in his absence.

The community remained at All Saints until the summer of 2015. At this time the Bishop of Lansing, Earl Boyea, installed Father Louis Madey as chaplain for the Latin Mass Community of Flint, and they were moved to St. Matthew in downtown Flint, Michigan. Father Louis Madey remained chaplain until his death in December of 2020.


In July 2021 the Bishop of Lansing, Earl Boyea, installed Father Anthony Strouse as pastor of St. Matthew and placed the Latin Mass Community in his care.   



Divine Mercy Sunday 2015

Palm Sunday 2016

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity - Pontifical High Mass 2016

Rorate Mass 2016

Palm Sunday 2021

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