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Seven Myths About the Catholic Church

There are many myths about the Catholic Church that are popular in today's culture. Join us for a course with Dr. Christopher Kaczor as he highlights the big seven myths, distinguishing fact from fiction about Catholicism. This course will help you better address many controversial topics from contraception to women and the priest-hood. Starting on April 24th, we will meet on Wednesdays for 7 weeks at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there is no cost for this study.

April 24 - Does the Church Oppose Science? (Part 1)

May 1 - Does the Church Oppose Science? (Part 2)

May 8 - Does the Church Oppose Happiness?

May 15 - Does the Church Hate Women?

May 22 - Why Does the Church Oppose Contraception?

May 29 - Does the Church Hate Gay People?

June 5 - Does Priestly Celibacy Cause Sexual Abuse?


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